Do You Have Both Medicaid and Medicare Insurance?

Find a Dual Special Needs plan in Toms River or Metuchen, NJ

Arocho Insurance Agency is dedicated to helping our clients with both Medicaid and Medicare insurance qualify for more benefits with Dual Special Needs plans. Our D-SNPs in Toms River, NJ are designed to work together with your Medicare and Medicaid Insurance plan.

If you'd like to discuss our dual plans, contact us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you.

Discover what benefits you may qualify for

If you have Medicaid and Medicare insurance and would like to receive additional benefits, Arocho Insurance Agency may be able to help.

By enrolling in a D-SNP, you might qualify for any of the following benefits:

  • Dental coverage
  • Hospital stays
  • Vision care
  • Transportation
  • Prescription drugs
For those with Medicare and Medicaid insurance in Toms River, NJ, please note that benefits may vary based on plans and areas. Call today to get started.